Telemarketing Specialist

2018-11-01 Nanjing 1 3.5K-4.5K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Telephone development and email communication with customers and projects to achieve cooperation intentions of customers;

2. Sort out and improve the customer information of the area in charge and collect potential customers;

3. Assist the sales staff to do the reception and phone calls of the visiting customer;

4. In the absence of sales staff, report the customer information in time and properly handle it;

5. Sort out customer profile information.

Job Requirements:

1. Not limited to academic qualifications, not limited to professional, and no work experience required;

2, Good customer service awareness, be warm, amiable and patient;

3, Have excellent goals, have patience, like challenges, have a certain ability to withstand pressure;

4, Strong learning ability, extroversion and affinity

5. Experienced in foreign trade factories or cross-border e-commerce is preferred.

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