Amazon Project Manager

2018-10-31 Nanjing 1 7K-10K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Statistics and collation of report data required by the project

2. Classification and organization of project materials;

3. Online and offline product research and data analysis, select products according to the results of data analysis

4. Connect suppliers and operators, maintain supplier relationship.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, no requirement for major, CET-4 and above in English;


2. At least one and a half year of Amazon's experience in selecting products, and furniture product selection experience is preferred;

3. Skilled in using Excel office software;

4. Sensitive to data, with good data analysis capabilities;

5. Strong communication skills, affinity, and no stage fright;

6. The latter may involve a resident factory and can accept long-term business trips.

Conference Marketing

2018-11-06 Nanjing 1 1-1.5W

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the organization and preparation of meetings in and outside of the company, and conduct overall management and labor management to ensure the smooth organization of the meeting.

3. Coordinate with the brand and product marketing plan to organize activities, conduct overall planning and division of labor management, and ensure smooth organization.

4. Planned the preparation and docking of various exhibitions according to the company's needs, and establish the company's brand image.

5. Organize and connect the company's daily key contacts, customer reception and services.

6. Maintenance of the company WeChat group

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in conference and exhibition marketing;

2. Familiar with exhibitions, conferences etc, and can independently carry out conference work;

3. Have sales experience, be extroverted, have strong communication skills, and a good sense of customer service.

Telemarketing Specialist

2018-11-01 Nanjing 1 3.5K-4.5K

Job Responsibilities:

1. Telephone development and email communication with customers and projects to achieve cooperation intentions of customers;

2. Sort out and improve the customer information of the area in charge and collect potential customers;

3. Assist the sales staff to do the reception and phone calls of the visiting customer;

4. In the absence of sales staff, report the customer information in time and properly handle it;

5. Sort out customer profile information.

Job Requirements:

1. Not limited to academic qualifications, not limited to professional, and no work experience required;

2, Good customer service awareness, be warm, amiable and patient;

3, Have excellent goals, have patience, like challenges, have a certain ability to withstand pressure;

4, Strong learning ability, extroversion and affinity

5. Experienced in foreign trade factories or cross-border e-commerce is preferred.

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