• Brand Service

    For a home factory that wants to be successful in the US market quickly, the combined Chinese and American brand operations team will help you create your own brand and realize the transition from OEM manufacturers to brand owners!

    2018-06-27 30

  • Showroom

    In the United States, if there can be a place to display your product, and there are professional staff for your on-site visit to the customer, then this will be of great benefit to you! Lan-Chou China set up a China Product Showroom in California, USA to display high-quality and diversified "Good Chinese Furniture" to the local buyers. We regularly invite buyers to visit and recommend products on behalf of the factory. Greatly save the energy and cost of expanding the market and promoting new products.

    2018-06-26 31

  • Warehouse Logistics

    Lan-Chou China has built its overseas warehouse in Los Angeles to provide you with warehousing and logistics services so that you can transport, store, and deliver completely without worry. After your goods arrive in the United States, we will provide you with effective warehousing services to ensure that your products smoothly reach the US buyers from the factory. We also have advanced warehouse management systems and professional staff to provide accurate and reliable services at very affordable prices.

    2018-06-26 64

  • Offline Sales

    Lan-Chou China offline buyers are mainly local stores and local e-commerce sellers. They need actual experience and more favorable prices. We achieve maximum exposure of products through local exhibitions in front of potential buyers, improve conversion rates, and For the whole, to bypass the middlemen, so that the factory can deal with fragmented orders at the same time, there is greater profit margins.

    2018-06-26 32