Pinterest data show: 2018 home decoration market has these 8 trends

2018-06-27 15:24:06 36

Recently, what are the hot trends in the home decoration market? From the Pinterest point of view, this year's popular will have this trend of home decoration:

1、Palm leaf decoration

According to Pinterest, this tropical plant is very popular in the spring and it is also very simple to decorate. 


2、The pampas grass decoration

You may have seen this kind of plant decoration in a wedding dress or in a piece of art, but this spring it will be found everywhere in home décor, including the center of a decorated table, a bookcase, or a fireplace.


3、pillow with fringe

This spring home decor will see the popularity of fringed pillows, making the entire room look bohemian.


4、ceramic decoration

Pinterest predicts that in the coming months you will see a lot of homemade ceramic decorations.


5、gray green marble decoration

Pinterest users said that gray-green is the color of the most IN this spring, so you don't have to be surprised by the popularity of CB2's gray-green marble fittings (above $25). Users will place them on the bathroom counter or coffee table.


6、a single color decoration

Single-tone decoration is also a big trend in spring home decoration, but it does not mean simply decorating with a color tone, such as only white, but as shown in the following figure:


7、lavender purple decoration

Lavender is the latest classic color and is expected to see furniture of this color (such as sofas) or living room decoration this year.


8、plant specimens

For those who can't raise plants, the decoration of plant specimens is better! This trend will be seen this year.