Here's a list of 2018 home furniture hot sale items

2018-06-27 15:18:56 66

Home products, as a hot item in the e-commerce market, will have product innovations and improvements every year, and corresponding trends will emerge. Then in 2018, what kind of home-style hot products?

The following are the 8 most popular home products this year. I hope to bring some inspiration to e-commerce sellers when choosing products:



The appearance of mattresses in this list of hot products seems a bit embarrassing; in fact, mattresses are not only just needed, but with the development of technology, daily necessities such as mattresses are also being upgraded.

The new generation of high-tech mattresses offers a number of new technologies; for example, data that can track the quality of sleep of the user, automatic temperature adjustment, connection to an automatic coffee machine, and built-in vibration alert system.

In addition, the use of mattresses is also different: some can be used for skeletal rehabilitation, some can help people with sleep disorders fall asleep. There are even some mattresses that can be packed into a box so that it is very easy to handle, whether it's an elevator or a stair climb. With the market not saturated, entering the mattress market will be a very smart idea.

Essential oil diffuser


For centuries, people have been using essential oils; some religious, cultural, and personal health care practices also involve the use of essential oils. Each essential oil has different uses: Lavender helps to relax, tea tree oil is good for the skin; peppermint oil is known for its antibacterial properties and is a good medicine for digestive problems and bad breath.

The reason that the essential oil aromatherapy device can be so popular for a certain period of time is because it can create a spa-like experience in the home with this product and different essential oils. More importantly, aromatherapy machines do not produce any harmful chemicals while producing different odors.

If you are an e-commerce seller who wants to enter this market, you can choose to sell a combination of electric energy and candles to heat the combo. In addition, you can also sell some special-purpose oil packs, such as decompression packs and rejuvenation packs. This will not only help customers find the right product, but also increase sales. Sustainable life and personal health care are the main trends in today's society. Products like essential oils and fragrances will also be popular for some time.

Chalk paint


Chalk paint is another major trend in the DIY field and home decoration industry. With the influence of social media (especially Instagram and Pinterest) on consumers, chalk paint has become quite popular.

Chalk paint can make old furniture different. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is a kind of paint that does not need to be stripped, polished or bottomed. As an e-commerce seller, you can consider whether you can sell chalk paint or related accessories, or whether your homeware customers can use chalk paint.



Terrariums is a glass container that can maintain a micro-ecosystem inside. Terrariums can accommodate a wide variety of organisms, but often plant a variety of succulents. In the past few years, succulents have been popular gifts and home decorations. The appeal of Terrariums to consumers lies in the ability to add a touch of green to the interior, and the maintenance costs are very low because they are mostly self-sufficient.

As an e-commerce seller, you can choose to sell terrariums in whole or in part: design and manufacture your own terrariums and market them or sell glass containers, succulents, soil, planting tools and decorative accessories separately. If you choose to sell each terrarium accessory product separately, then you need to consider the needs of the initial purchaser and giver, how to combine these scattered items into a complete set.

Vegetable spiralizer


Vegetable spiralizers have recently become popular because it is a perfect solution for those who want to find a healthier pasta alternative in their daily diet. Vegetable spiralizers can make artificial noodles using Italian cucumbers, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables as raw materials.


Vegetable spiralizers have a variety of product types, of which handheld, fixed, and electric are the most popular.

Grill mat


Barbecue mats are also common products that consumers may not necessarily buy, but they are really popular. Barbecue mats make grilling easier by providing an easy-to-clean, non-stick surface. Because of the low price of the product, barbecue mats can be sold in bulk to increase the average price.

Fairy light


Due to the influence of social media sites such as instagram and Pinterest, small lanterns are another very popular product. People have been using small lanterns as home decoration, holiday decorations, and creating atmosphere in restaurants. There are many articles on social media that guide consumers how to use small lights to decorate their own tastes. These lights are usually bundled and can also be sold with other decorative products.

Car windshield protector


Auto parts are a very good niche market because these products are new to the e-commerce industry; automotive windshield covers are one of the hot products in this market.

The reason why car windshield covers sell well is that it is a practical tool that is essential in colder months or in cooler places. In the long run, hoarding these products is beneficial to consumers because they do not have to pay more for the increase in product prices during the end of the year.

For dropshipping, the low-cost windshield cover is also a good product and can be shipped via ePacket.