Make a big inventory: What is the best selling of home products overseas?

2018-06-27 15:17:26 19

What, Americans even have to DIY decoration?! Yes, Americans have always had DIY habits, and no exception in the decoration. U.S. houses are often large in area, but labor costs are very expensive. If you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. No wonder home improvement categories are so popular in the United States!

Then the question is coming

How does the home improvement category perform on Amazon? Chinese sellers have the opportunity? What is the best-selling product?

Today, we have brought us an unrivalled and practical analysis of the trend of home furnishings in the United States!

What is the size of the cake?

The overall scale of the US home improvement market exceeded US$300 billion in 2016, which is equivalent to the total national GDP of Israel that year. Among them, Amazon's home improvement market in the United States occupies 5 billion US dollars, and maintains an annual growth rate of 35% of sales, an annual growth of several hundred million US dollars, much higher than the growth rate of 6% of the offline market. Amazon’s home-based third-party sellers accounted for the bulk of sales, and its growth rate far exceeded Amazon’s proprietary retail sales. (Source:

In addition, the home improvement category is also a “major event” for corporate procurement, and is one of the four major categories of Amazon Business’s investment promotion in China. Amazon Business is Amazon's one-stop business procurement service. Through Amazon Business, corporate buyers can reach a large number of related products, enjoy exclusive company preferential prices, and even simplify the procurement review process and manage procurement spending. With Amazon Business, sellers can sell home improvement products directly to U.S. corporate and institutional buyers.


In recent years, the rapid growth of Chinese sellers, high-quality products and superior operational capabilities have made it possible for Chinese sellers to gain a foothold in the US home improvement category. In fact, the proportion of Chinese sellers in the Amazon US station category has been growing.

If you choose these categories rightly, it is easy to sell them!

Doing a good job is the first step to success. Among the home improvement categories in the United States, the five sub-categories of luminaire-related, electrical heating, hardware, plumbing and home improvement products have performed outstandingly and sales have been increasing.

Take a look at a detailed analysis of some of the key categories.

01、 lighting related

Americans have a need for a variety of lamps and they often use new lamps for a year or so. Therefore, lamps that are easy to dismantle and install themselves are more popular with them. A stronger sense of design and distinctive features can be used to increase product unit prices and avoid low-price competition. In the B2B market, corporate buyers also prefer to buy distinctive group lights and quality-qualified light bulbs.

The Americans' bedroom was large, and it was too bright to wake up in the middle of the night. A soft bedside lamp was necessary. The best selling bedside lamp has a unit price of around US$30 and a large profit margin. Sellers can try out features such as adjustable color temperature or design of more personalized bedside lighting products, or a combination of bedside lamps and fragrance dispensers.


The table lamp also ranks at the top of the best-selling list. The selling price of a single product is around $70. If your product has energy saving, eye protection or other technology, you can ensure profit by taking the fine line. In addition, it is easy to disassemble and install on its own, the chandeliers with uncomplicated styles, and lanterns for holiday decorations are also products that sellers can try.

02、Power Tools Accessories

In home-installed DIY, high-quality electric home improvement tools are indispensable, including high-speed steel pagoda drills, drill battery, and welding tools. As electric drills and rig batteries are consumables, they have increased their market potential. Power tool accessories are also very popular with foreign corporate buyers, and sellers can use Amazon Bussiness to sell directly to corporate and institutional sellers.

03、Other categories

In addition to the above popular categories, there are some hot products that may be unexpected to everyone. For example, a telescopic ladder that is small in size, convenient to carry and has low logistics costs but can be raised to 4 meters. Completely sealed, automatically closed mosquito screen. DIY furniture, custom wallpaper, precision laser rangefinder.

Smart home

Looking into the future, smart homes are also a trend in home improvement categories. There are many relatively mature smart homes such as smart sockets, smart curtains, and sweeping robots.

Amazon echo is a speaker equipped with Alexa intelligent voice service. Users can play music, inquire information, and even control various smart home devices through simple voice commands. Echo series products are sold very hot in Amazon America, often in the state of being out of stock, including echo, echo show, echo look, echo dot, echo plus, echo spot and so on. Sellers can develop and produce more innovative hardware products around Alexa, which will make your products more competitive and gain more customer attention.

In fact, like the U.S. site, consumer demand for home furnishings on the European site is also skyrocketing and has great potential. In 2017, the increase was twice or even three times the rate of increase in 2015 and 2016 (source: Amazon). So, besides the business in the United States, seller friends can also take into account the European market. The most popular items in European home improvement categories are fire security, plumbing baths, electrical appliances, hand tools, and power tool accessories.

Take a look at a detailed analysis of some of the key categories.

Fire Security Class

Due to the frequent occurrence of foreign terrorist incidents in recent years, the fire security category has grown rapidly. Whether it is at home, or where people gather in hospitals, supermarkets, offices, etc., the following products are needed.

The first is CCTV, a closed-circuit monitoring system. With the development of technology, many CCTVs have already achieved cloud storage, and users can view them anywhere on their mobile phones. In the future, it may be combined with face recognition technology to automatically identify the identity of visitors.


Secondly, smoke alarms and password locks around 5 euros also have good sales. Intelligent security devices that can be docked with apps are popular with foreign consumers, and 4-, 8-, and 16-way security devices are selling well.


Simple and complex taps have a considerable market demand. Among them, the simple price of less than 20 euros, the complex may have wifi control, timing, temperature measurement, filtration of pure water and other functions. In addition to functionality, the unique design and appearance can also add a lot to your product. The simple, classic, adjustable spray size style is more popular with foreign consumers.

In addition, the seller can also try the bathroom accessories package, including towel racks, coat racks, hand towels and so on. It should be noted that pipe thread standards in different countries in Europe are different, so it is recommended that sellers match the bathroom products with adapters.

Electrical class

For electrical products, safety is always the first priority, and special attention must be paid to comply with local electrical standards and safety issues. Electronic doorbells, crimping ends, and cable strips, although these products look insignificant, actually sell well. If you have related resources, you can consider expanding.